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Our Income Plan

Welcome to entrepreneur's lounge with DHAKED entrepreneur's program. Our entrepreneur's program helps you to be your own boss and grow your income with us. Our entrepreneur's program includes State Head, district Head and Area Head.

The company has generated two unique referral systems

  1. Personal Referral-Rs.1000 = Rs.5
  2. Downline Referral -Rs.1000 = Rs.2

Personal Referral is that what we tell ourselves to others about the company's benefits and Downline Referral is the people we told about the benefits of the company to someone else.If a business partner tells 10 of his employees in 1 month, sign them up with his code and give them a motivation that you should also tell the benefits of company to your people so that that they too take advantage of these benefits and if you tell these benefits to the people,then the company will give you money for this work,no one will make it work for free.

  1. Personal Referral
    ( Company give Rs.5 in purchasing of Rs.1000 )

    1 Month = Add 10 Users
    A user's house Expenses approx Rs.2000
    Income by 1 user = Rs.10
    income by 10 user = Rs.100

  2. Downline Referral
    ( Company give Rs.2 in purchasing of Rs.1000 )

    These 10 people also liked the benefits and now they have also shared these benefits to their 10-10, 20-20 people in 1 month or 2 months and this sharing will continue like this forever.Because in this, the company is giving benefits to every users and also giving them an extra income generating platform. ( A user's house Expenses approx Rs.2000 )

    • User 10x10= 100 Users
      Income 100 x Rs.4 = Rs.400
    • 100 x 10 = 1000 Users
      1000 x Rs.4 = Rs.4000
    • 1000x10 =10,000 Users
      10000x Rs.4 = Rs.40000
    • 10,000x10= 100,000Users
      100,000x Rs.4= Rs.400,000

And this income will continue to be Auto-Generate like this.