No.1 Online Selling App. Refer More. Earn More. 3% - 20% cashback.

Dhaked Cart has brought such a Home Base Full/Part Time Business without any Investment , in which you never have the hassle of creating a network nor buying and selling any product and income is unlimited

Work as like a Business Partner ( Seller/Reseller Program )

Dhaked Cart is an Online Selling Company which has developed its own unique system under which it gives many benefits to its customers.The company has no product of its own. All the products are what we all buy and use in daily life from the market.The company says that you do not have to buy any product or sell it. If there is so much power in my benefits,then people will automatically buy goods from my portal,they should know that there is a company in the market that gives so many benefits to its customer gives.

Benefits of customers
  1. Buy anything for a minimum amount Rs 1000 and get instant cashback.
  2. All the products that the customer uses in his home will be found here.
  3. Customers will find genuine or good products.
  4. Customers will get free giveaways,vouchers,coins and many benefits from us.
  5. Free Home Delievery.

If a customer gets so many benefits, will he change his shop or not?
Just you have to share the benefits of the company and you have to sign up under them, this will be your home based full/part time business. And by which you will continue to generate a significant auto income.

Benefits of work as like a Business Partner
  1. On every sign up you will get Rs.10 for shopping.
  2. Selling Commission 2%-5%.
  3. Long Life .50% Personal Referral Income.
  4. Long Life .20% Downline Referral Income.
  5. Long Life .20% Benefit Of Supplier Business Volume.
  6. Give your customers cashback or many benefits from Us.
  7. Auto Generate Income after 1 year of work.
  8. Grow with us, Grow you unstoppable income.

Dhaked Cart has developed such a unique system according to which it has brought Education Scholarship Program.

So far, parents are getting their children admitted in direct schools, colleges and coaching centers, so they were not given any benefit in fees from here and every year 10 to 20% fees are increased.But now students from Dhaked Cart can take Education Scholarship, who use the platform of DHAKED Cart to get their children admission in schools, colleges, coaching centers, then we give 12% to 34% scholarships to our students.You have to upload you education bill and pay a little commission to company and on that basis comapny gives you scholarship.

How would you get Scholarship from DHAKED ?

If you take admission on our tied up Schools, Colleges & Institutes so you will get free scholarship every year.

Benefits of Dhaked Scholarship Program
  1. You can get scholarship on every year.
  2. You also get many benefits from us.
  3. You can study anywhere and get scholarship.
  4. No need to worry on increasing education fees.
  5. No need to worry for your higher education.We always for you.

You can purchase your required items from our vendors shop near you & make online or offline payment and you will get instant cashback 3%-20%.

How would you get cashback?

  1. Purchase your required items from our vendor's shop.
  2. Upload bill by scanning QR code of vendor shop
  3. Get cashback.

Benefits of Offline Selling Program

  1. Purchase anything and get instant cashback.
  2. You can get many offers from us on our vendor's shop.

The company has generated two unique referral systems

  1. Personal Referral-Rs.1000 = Rs.5
  2. Downline Referral -Rs.1000 = Rs.2

Personal Referral is that what we tell ourselves to others about the company's benefits and Downline Referral is the people we told about the benefits of the company to someone else.If a business partner tells 10 of his employees in 1 month, sign them up with his code and give them a motivation that you should also tell the benefits of company to your people so that that they too take advantage of these benefits and if you tell these benefits to the people,then the company will give you money for this work,no one will make it work for free.

  1. Personal Referral
    ( Company give Rs.5 in purchasing of Rs.1000 )

    1 Month = Add 10 Users
    A user's house Expenses approx Rs.2000
    Income by 1 user = Rs.10
    income by 10 user = Rs.100

  2. Downline Referral
    ( Company give Rs.2 in purchasing of Rs.1000 )

    These 10 people also liked the benefits and now they have also shared these benefits to their 10-10, 20-20 people in 1 month or 2 months and this sharing will continue like this forever.Because in this, the company is giving benefits to every users and also giving them an extra income generating platform. ( A user's house Expenses approx Rs.2000 )

    • User 10x10= 100 Users
      Income 100 x Rs.4 = Rs.400
    • 100 x 10 = 1000 Users
      1000 x Rs.4 =Rs.4000
    • 1000x10 =10,000 Users
      10000x Rs.4 = Rs.40000
    • 10,000x10= 100,000Users
      100,000x Rs.4= Rs.400,000

And this income will continue to be Auto-Generate like this.

Cash Back given by two types:-

  1. Instant Cash Back
    ( Minimum Amount Rs.1000, So Calculations are done according to Rs.1000 )
    • 3% of Rs.1000 = ₹ 30 can transfer to bank.
    • 8% of Rs.900 = Rs.70 for shopping.
      ( 10% - Total Rs.100 instant. )
  2. Unique Systematic Cashback( SCB FIFO Model )
    Rest Amount is given in 3 Parts-
    • 2% of Rs.1000 = Rs.20
    • 2% of Rs.950 = Rs.20
    • 6% of Rs.893 = Rs.60
      (10% - Total Rs.100 Bank is transferable.)