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What is DHAKED Cart?
DHAKED Cart is an Online Selling Company which has developed its own unique system under which it gives many benefits to its customers.The company has no product of its own. All the products are what we all buy and use in daily life from the market.The company says that you do not have to buy any product or sell it. If there is so much power in my benefits,then people will automatically buy goods from my portal,they should know that there is a company in the market that gives so many benefits to its customer gives.

How to create DHAKED Cart account?
1.Download DHAKED Cart app from Playstore
2.Open DHAKED Cart app
3.Tap on 'Sign Up'
4.Enter your name, mobile number, referral code and a password that you want to use for DHAKED Cart
5.Tap on 'Sign Up'
6.Enter the OTP that you will receive on your mobile number and click on 'Submit'
7.Your account has been created

How to use DHAKED Cart App?
You can use DHAKED Cart for many different things such as Online Shopping, Sell/Resell Online Products and many more features are coming soon. You will need to add a one of your bank account to your DHAKED Cart account and then you can do transaction and payment service.

How to transfer money back from DHAKED to bank account?
Follow these steps to transfer your money from DHAKED wallet to your bank account :-
1.Open the app. on the sidebar and tap on withdrawal amount.
3.Fill all the details.
4.Enter the amount.
5.Click on submit and you money will be transfer 7-8 days working period.

How to get instant free DHAKED CashBack ?
You can get free DHAKED CashBack by using DHAKED Shopping Cart . Minimum Rs.1000 purchasing is required to get instant cashback and then after you can transfer that cashback money in your bank account.

How to transfer or use DHAKED Coins?
( 13coins = Rs.1 )
1.You can use DHAKED Coins for shopping from DHAKED. when you purchasing your needs then you just need to right click on the
box appear at the time of billing. your billing amount will be reduced.
2.You can also transfer your DHAKED coins to others for their shopping.

How to add nominee in DHAKED?
1.Open DHAKED Cart app
2.Go to'Settings & then edit profile'
3.Tap on'Nominee' column
4.Enter the name which you want to be your nominee
5.Enter the relation also in relation column
6.Tap on 'Save'
7.Nominee is added successfully

How to change DHAKED Cart password?
1.Tap on 'Edit Profile' on your DHAKED Cart app
2.Enter your curent password
3.Enter a new password and re-enter your password in the below
4.Tap on 'Save'
5.Your password has been changed

How to become Seller on DHAKED?
1.Go to site
2.Tap on top 'Become a Seller'
3.Enter your name,e-mail id,mobile number,date of birth,address, GST number ( if you don't have GST number then leave it blank) and a password.
4.Tap on 'Save'
5.Your seller account has been created
6.Now, you can upload your products & start selling from DHAKED

How to sell from DHAKED?
1.Go to seller panel with this site-
2.Login with your registered E-mail id or paswword
3.Go to product management section in the left bar
4.Add products with detils
5.Go to 'DHAKED Cart app' and share your products
5.You can see your daily orders, pending orders or successfull orders in the homepage of your seller panel