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DHAKED Cart is a B2B & B2C E-commerce marketplace based in Jaipur. DHAKED Cart is established in the month of Oct 2020 by Mr.Govind Singh Dhaked, who is also the founder of DHAKED COMPUTECH (SINCE 1998).We help the Sellers/Resellers to sell their products & services with our Advanced Digital platform & On-ground Sales Support with customized sales solution for each Sellers/Resellers along with the best offer of instant 3% to 20% cashback/coins to their customers with free shipping also, our ecosystem helps each sellers/resellers to cross-sell each other’s products & services, without actually investing in any type of inventory through our app. The number of resellers is growing fast in E-Commerce in India. DHAKED Cart is taking the initiative to solve the sourcing problem for Pan India SME retailers (Online & Offline) and empower the resellers with innovative products with better quality & design.Now anyone can use their sales skills to promote/sell any variety of product/services given in the ecosystem and create unlimited earning for themselves using their own referral code through DHAKED.We are also dedicated to enabling the resellers to have on-demand sourcing of product locally and globally.


To achieve in next 1 year To Create 10,000 Enterprenuers 1,00,000 Digitally Empowered Vendors 1,00,000 Sustanable Jobs


Which is the key to success? Empowering people creating earning opportunities for all & providing business sales services to all businesses with zero capital investment We concentrated our resources to create and offer to the audience (to all) a service that guarantee focused and expected results with minimum approximation and a total followers quality


We believes in customer first.We believes in a way that gain the trust of customers.We put customers at the center of all our business actions and decisions and give more priorities to their needs and requirements.We value the team efforts that encourage each other and combine different creative ideas by pinpointing the importance of individual contribution and delivering respective duties & responsibilities towards the big goal. A team binds up with mutual respect and trust is always an asset for an organization.Honesty is the main lead in any business.We want our team to spare no effort to build a transparent and sincere relationship with all.We are self-motivated and persuade ourselves to learn new things, behaviour, and other enhancing tactics to make ourselves versatile and resourceful.We accept all the challenges with more excitement and enthusiasm to accomplish more heights.